Written by André van der Merwe

Take note: On this blog we share stuff that we are excited and enthusiastic about. Just like you do not drink your grandma’s medication just because she is doing it, you should not do something just because we are doing it. If you were wondering, no, we are not financial advisors and none of the content should be financial or investment advice. Now that you have read that, please apply your mind, this is after all the internet where anyone can write anything and only some of it is beneficial. You are a free agent so grow your knowledge and learn to discern.

This popular quote from Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, is used in many scenarios. To see this quote in context though sheds a whole new perspective on it that most people do not even know of.

“To be, or not to be? That is the question—Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And, by opposing, end them?” 

Some scholars believe that Shakespeare was contemplating the idea of whether it is better to live or to die. He was contemplating suicide. Seems kind of grim… But, if we put everything that is going on in the world into perspective, it is financial suicide not to diversify one’s portfolio. Now then, the question remains; to B(TC) or not to B(TC)?

During the coming weeks and months, we will be adding more blogs. Many of them will dig into the technicalities of what Bitcoin is and we will have a look at Blockchain technology. We will also look at what other Cryptocurrencies are out there. One of our main goals with Cryptovate is to introduce credible avenues through which you can grow your own Crypto portfolio. But with this blog, I want to point to a statement that was made famous by Simon Sinek – Find your why. He also wrote a book about it and you can buy it on Amazon.

What is your WHY?

Many of us know what we want to do and what we do not want to do. We even know which people we want to associate with, but have you ever considered your WHY?

Answering the WHY-question helps us to uncover our deeper motivation for chasing certain goals. It also helps to clarify short-term, mid-term and long-term goals and which steps to take next. To know your WHY is to have a clear vision for where you are heading. Your WHY becomes your compass to navigate this Volatile, Uncertain, Complicated, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. Your WHY is your true North.

We are all placed on this beautiful earth, not to serve ourselves, but to be of service to our fellow human beings. Something magical happens when we discover that we can be a ray of hope to someone who is struggling. Even if your presence can put a smile on someone else’s face, it was worth the effort.

When it comes to our finances, most of us know what we want and what we do not want. Some of us want to get out of debt. Some of us want to grow our portfolios. Some people just want more and more (when do we have enough though?). Some of us are looking for more streams of income. Some of us want to get rid of that feeling of survival and find a bit of elbowroom and who knows – financial freedom.

But have you answered your WHY?

Why do you want to get out of debt? Why do you want to grow your portfolio? Why do you want more? Why do you want more streams of income? Why do you want to get out of survival mode? Why do you want financial freedom?

My WHY connects to people. My first group of people are those closest to me – my wife, and children and taking care of my elderly mom. They are a strong motivating factor on why I am involved in Bitcoin and other Crypto’s. I want to serve my family in the best way possible. Some part of serving them is in providing for them, but not only on the financial side. My family wants my time, my presence. Many of us have reached that place where we know we can work harder and longer hours, but at what cost? WHY do I want to grow my portfolio? Simple – I want the time-freedom to be available for my family. I also want the geographical freedom to be able to work from anywhere and by extension – have my family with me. Finally, I want the financial stability to be able to provide for their needs.

The second group of people are those who are much like me. Those who are searching for new and innovative ways to grow financially and in some way or another want to automate parts of their income. One of my goals with Cryptovate is to find ways of making money while I am sleeping. I also want to help others discover some of these avenues as well. It was Warren Buffet who said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Do not get me wrong – work is not evil. Work is a gift. If you can find something that is worth doing and that you can genuinely enjoy AND it pays you well, then you have discovered something of a sweet spot. To automate parts of your income will take a heck of a lot of work, but in the end, it will pay you back many times over.

The third group of people that fuel my WHY, are those within our communities that are struggling. Those who do not have a way to get out of their challenges and problems yet. Money must be a tool to help those that are struggling, but one must do so with much wisdom. Money can become the very thing that enables people to continue in a poverty mindset. Part of my WHY is to do people upliftment and I will blog much more on this subject in the future. The important thing when it comes to the upliftment of others is that you partner with the right organizations. Do not reinvent the wheel, partner with a wheel that already has momentum and start making a difference with what you have. It is more blessed to give than to receive…

So, what is your WHY?

Crypto’s are not a thing of the future. It is happening NOW. Take some time and define your WHY, and once you have done that – get into the Crypto-game and give your WHY wings.

To B(TC) or not to B(TC)? That is the question… Why? Well why not!*The BTC price at the time this article was written was $9675