Written by Reinard Bekker

Take note: On this blog we share stuff that we are excited and enthusiastic about. Just like you do not drink your grandma’s medication just because she’s doing it, you shouldn’t do something just because we are doing it. If you were wondering, no, we are not financial advisors and none of the content should be seen as financial or investment advice. Now that you have read that, please apply your mind, this is after all the internet where anyone can write anything and only some of it is beneficial. You are a free agent so grow your knowledge and learn to discern.

I remember when I bought my first Bitcoin for $270. Not 0,029BTC like today. No, a full 1BTC for just $270. I thought that it was a lot to pay for something I did not really understand then. Yet it was enticing and even though it looked like a good idea I did not tell anybody about it for fear of being ridiculed. Honestly, I hoped that it was not a scam and wanted to give it a go. So, I did. I wish I bought more.

The current Bitcoin price hovers at around $9000 for 1BTC, it has gone further than that and it has gone lower too.* It is the nature of the market and sometimes the beast is a bull and sometimes it is a bear. Yet I believe that this thing called Bitcoin, that represents a larger ecosystem of crypto assets, has got more to give than what it will take.

But stay sober, it is just a tool and the better you understand it – the more you will be able to do something with it. Even something exciting.

That brings me back to “Why Bitcoin?”. A better question might be “Why crypto?”, because the bigger picture is in this case a better one. Personally, I find the whole crypto space a very exciting adventure of innovation and exploration. Just think what happened when we took phones and made them smart. Sure, playing snake on those first models of the Nokia phones did not really blow my hair back. But navigating through a canyon in South West Africa with a smart phone that even though there were no cell reception was able to connect to satellites in space just so that I can get a dot on highly detailed maps, excites me.

For all practical intents and purposes, I believe cryptos will do for money what